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Freeware Updates
NetSpot for Android 1.0.1
Icecream PDF Editor 1.05
Muhammadu Buhari ATR 1.0
Windows 10 Codec Pack 2.1.4
Privacy Eraser Portable 4.44
HttpMaster Express 4.2.0
ISO Workshop 8.2
PitchGridTest 1.00
PhotoStage Photo Slideshow Software Free 5.15
500th Video Converter 1.3
Network Olympus Monitoring 1.0.0
My SCUBA Diary for Linux 3.1
Question Tools Editor 4.3
IObit Malware Fighter
Checksum Aide 64 bit
Shareware Updates
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
USB Secure 2.1.7
Manyprog Find Duplicate Files 2.1
HttpMaster Professional 4.2.0
StarCode Express POS and Inventory 29.26.0
Yasisoft GIF Animator
CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler
jv16 PowerTools
PhotoStage Pro Edition 5.15
Proxy Log Explorer 5.4.1
Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.6.1
ExtraMAME 18.9
DVDFab UHD to Blu-ray Converter
Encrypt Files 1.0
DVDFab DVD Ripper

Optimize Start Time Of Net Applications

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  Invantive Dotnet Optimizer 2014R1 (Shareware) by Invantive Software B.V.
  ... NGEN Invantive Dotnet Optimizer provides a graphical ... you to easily optimize the start time of your Microsoft .NET applications by pre-compiling ... versions The Dotnet Optimizer always generates both ... bit native versions of your code, since subtleties in how .NET chooses the runtime ... The Invantive Dotnet Optimizer ensures your users ... The Invantive Dotnet Optimizer has been tested ... correctly process ClickOnce applications as well as ... ins for Microsoft Office deployed through ClickOnce ... during the creation of native code. Also ... analyze the loading of your assemblies.
Graphical User Interface To Ngen, Optimize Start Time Of Net Applications
Size: 425.0 KB   OS:  Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , Windows 8 , WinServer , Windows Vista

  Work Time Calculator 1.0 (Freeware) by Summartime Photography
  Display remaining work time based on start time, ending time, and hours worked in a time.
And Hours Worked In A Time., Display Remaining Work Time Based On Start Time, Ending Time
Size: 16.0 KB   OS:  Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows 2000 , Windows XP
  Wireless Communication Library .NET Edition (Shareware) by Soft Service Company
  Wireless Communication Library .NET Edition brings the power features of Bluetooth, IrDA and ... technologies to your .NET applications. Develop Bluetooth Proximity ... days. Save your time! WCL includes all ... WiFi in your .NET appications. Discover devices ... sending and lots of other features like enumerating WiFi networks, measure WiFi networks signal quality and ... for Bluetooth server applications which can be ... day after you started you will get ready application and start earn your money!
Bluetooth C#, Bluetooth Net, Bluetooth Net Framework, Bluetooth Vb Net, Irda C#, Irda Net, Irda Net Framework
Size: 1.8 MB Price: $100 OS:  Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
Download Wireless Communication Library .NET Edition Download
  WinStart Manager 3.3.0 (Freeware) by BestSecurityTips LLC
  ... easy to use startup manager for Windows ... what programs and applications run at windows start time. You know that ... and installing new applications all the time, the Windows startup time increases more and ... creeping in each time you just need ... to select which applications should start automatically when Windows starts. There are many ... up the windows startup. WinStart Manager covers ... these sources : The StartUp Folder, The Windows ... easily select which applications should start or not by ... fast Windows boot time. It's FREE, safe ...
Applications, Boot, Boot Faster, Manager, Optimize, Security, Services
Size: 990.7 KB   OS:  Windows XP , Windows Vista
Download WinStart Manager 3.3.0 Download
  Xceed Chart for .NET 4.1 (Demo) by Xceed Software Inc.
  ... charts in your .NET applications with this high ... Features extensive VS.NET design-time support, built in ... Xceed Chart for .NET, you get more ... generate charts at startling speed. That also means you can offer end-users smooth ... Xceed Chart for .NET makes it easy ... Xceed Chart for .NET, you’re covered: 2D/3D ... without paying thousands of dollars for so ... Xceed Chart for .NET. They expose the ... features into your applications.
.net,, Chart, Graph, Graphics, Server, Streaming
Size: 62.4 MB Price: $399.95 OS:  Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
  Xceed FTP for .NET 3.3 (Demo) by Xceed Software Inc.
  ... FTP Library for .NET is a robust ... capabilities to your .NET and ASP.NET applications. It provides access ... the complete functionality of the FTP protocol ... FTP Library for .NET is designed to ... with all types of FTP servers. It ... is the library of choice for developers ... the least amount of time and hassle implementing ... code in their applications. Only a few lines of code are necessary ... a rich set of events keeps your application informed of all FTP activity ... statistics. Complete sample applications are included in both VB.NET and C#, including ... Windows Forms reminiscent of the popular "CuteFTP" ... Xceed FTP for .NET is also available ... Xceed FTP for .NET was created by the makers of high quality compression and networking components since 1994 ... Windows, COM and .NET applications. We have built ...
.net, File, File Transafert Protocol, Ftp, Recieve, Send
Size: 62.4 MB Price: $299.95 OS:  Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
  XP App Wizard 1.1 (Shareware) by Software Informatics Group
  ... One big advantage of individual profiles is ... provide a customized Start Menu for each ... or prevent certain applications from launching automatically ... be difficult and time-consuming to configure the Start menu and startup applications using the Windows ... your Windows XP Start Menu user-by ... wizard displays all Start Menu items in ... with a column of check boxes for ... in a user's Start Menu, you check ... wizard is aware of the complexities of the "All User" ...
Start Menu, Start Menu Organizer, Startup, User
Size: 598.0 KB Price: $15 OS:  Windows XP
Download XP App Wizard 1.1 Download
  .Net Chart Control 3.5.1 (Shareware) by .Net Charting Software
  Chart Control .NET is the perfect ... Forms and ASP.NET applications. Over 40 major ... down. Chart Control .NET allows using data ... the XML, array of doubles and DataTable object. Chart Control .NET uses OpenGL (3D ... area. Chart Control .NET is written entirely ... code. Not a .NET interface over a ... reports carried through .NET exception classes. Object ... specifically for the .NET framework. 100% Unicode ... with C#, VB.NET, and Managed C++ ... languages which use .NET Framework. The layout ... changed at any time, so you can ... manage the style of your chart. Rich ... allows you creating of the dynamic charts ...
.net Chart, .net Chart Control, .net Control, Chart Control, Control Chart .net
Size: 4.7 MB Price: $39.99 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
Download .Net Chart Control 3.5.1 Download
  ImageDraw for ASP.NET 5.0 (Shareware) by Neodynamic
  ... ImageDraw for ASP.NET is the definitive ... developed for ASP.NET applications. ImageDraw is a set of server controls (ImageDraw ... which generate real time on-fly Dynamic ... Images for ASP.NET Web Applications. ImageDraw allows you ... all the potential of GDI+ to dynamically ... etc) with lots of useful built-in ... to deliver real time dynamically generated composite ... Expression Web Design-time Support SQL Server ... with an ASP.NET Live Weather XML ... embedded into ASP.NET Resources (*.RESX) ASP.NET Mobile technology support ...
.net, Asp Net, Bmp, Brightness, Charts, Component, Contrast
Size: 5.7 MB Price: $229.9 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
Download ImageDraw for ASP.NET 5.0 Download
  Media Handler Pro 5.0 (Shareware) by MediaSoft Pro
  ... Pro is an .NET video encoding and ... and perform lots of other processing in real time using .NET applications including ASP.NET.
Asp Net Flv, Asp Net Video Publisher, C Video Converter, C Video Encoder
Size: 43.0 KB Price: $59 OS:  Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
Download Media Handler Pro 5.0 Download
  Excel Jetcell .NET 2.1 (Shareware) by Devtrio GROUP
  Excel Jetcell .NET is a professional component that enables .NET developers to read ... CSV ) from their .NET applications or website projects (C#, VB.NET). The Excel spreadsheet ... tree structure. Root of the tree is ... on. Excel Jetcell .NET Key Features: - Excel ... number, currency, date, time, fraction etc.) - Font ... examples (C# VB.NET) at website ( of the component. Excel Jetcell .NET API Functions: The set of API functions allows C# and VB.NET developers to read ... Also Excel Jetcell .NET has functions to ... access to range of cells or whole ... Excel or Microsoft Office Automation. Standalone .NET Component Excel Jetcell .NET component requires only .NET Framework and is ... for C#, VB.NET developers. It is many times faster than Excel ... objects. The code of Excel Jetcell .NET component is fully ... and works under .NET Framework started from 1.1 ... C# / VB.NET applications or deploy website ...
Asp Net, C#, Exce, Excel File, Net, Net Component, Read
Size: 577.0 KB Price: $175 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows CE , Windows Vista
Download Excel Jetcell .NET 2.1 Download
  CodeSpark 1.01 (Demo) by Redbrook Technology
  ... generates complete ASP.NET applications from a SQL ... to generate all of the base code ... files to your .NET Web project, and start adding in the ... business logic. All of the forms created ... build our own applications, so we know ... saved us thousands of hours of precious time by taking care of all of the labourious work of building forms with all of the required controls ... generate full ASP.NET webforms with appropriate ... event). Many hours of tedious hand coding of forms and DAL ...
.net, Asp, Code, Generator, Webforms
Size: 1.9 MB Price: $70
Download CodeSpark 1.01 Download
  Manco .NET Licensing System (Shareware) by Manco Software
  Manco .NET Licensing System is ... protection tools for .NET Windows Forms, WPF, WCF and ASP.NET applications, controls and components ... is available for .NET Framework 3.5 ... allows creation lots of different licensing schemas ... and unlimited number of custom values provide ... flexibility in selection of licensing schema. Custom ... lock/unlock some features of your product, or ... validate license. Manco .NET Licensing System allows creation of the Time/Usage limited evaluation version of your product that ... limited by running time (you can set ... date or number of days before license expiration), number of runs and some features of the product. Our ... can activate your .NET product using license ... example, differentiate editions of your product (for ... and professional). Manco .NET Licensing System allows you encryption of the application data ... with following using of the encrypted data ... integration allows including of the protection library right in code of your application. License ...
.net, C#, Copy, Encryption, License, Licensing, Protection
Size: 17.3 MB Price: $74.95 OS:  Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , WinMobile , WinServer , Windows Vista
Download Manco .NET Licensing System Download
  Prescient Author V2.1 (Shareware) by Prescient Technologies
  ... for building dot NET applications. Prescient Author allows ... your existing database applications to dot NET. Prescient Author captures ... increases the productivity of your development team ... your existing database applications to dot NET very quickly. It ... your application development time and helps you stay ahead of competition by delivering applications faster. Prescient Author ... system, and hours of testing. Prescient Author ... and makes your applications robust and consistent ... in a couple of days.
Application Builder, Application Re-engineering, Code Generator, Dot Net, Migrate Applications, Rapid Application Development, Report Generator
Size: 4.5 MB Price: $395 OS:  Windows
  Elerium Excel .NET Reader 2.1 (Shareware) by Elerium Software
  Elerium Excel .NET Reader is a professional .Net component that allows ... XLSX, CSV from .NET applications or ASP.NET websites (C#, VB.NET). It works really ... process the dozens of files in seconds. Elerium Excel. NET Reader allows to ... the cell range of all Excel Worksheets ... see C# VB.NET examples). The component is compatible with .NET 2.0 and ... either C# VB.NET or ASP.NET. Key features: - Various ... number, currency, date, time, fraction etc.) - Font ... XLSX, XLS. - ASP.NET online Web Demo ...
.net, Asp Net, C#, Component, Excel, Read, Vb Net
Size: 3.0 MB Price: $95 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
Download Elerium Excel .NET Reader 2.1 Download
  Elerium Excel .NET 2.1 (Shareware) by Elerium Software
  Elerium Excel .NET is a professional .NET component that can ... in any type of .NET (C#, VB.NET) projects. Developers can easily add functionality of create/read/write Excel files ... WinForms / ASP.NET applications. Elerium Excel .NET has rich set of methods to edit the cells of Excel Worksheets either ... Examples (C# VB.NET) shows how to ... etc. Elerium Excel .NET is a standalone ... that compatible with .NET 2.0 and ... libraries and Microsoft Office Automation. Key features ... see C# VB.NET examples). - Various cell ... number,currency, date, time, fraction etc.) - Font ... Decryption. - PASSWORD protection of Excel file. - Worksheet ... unhide Row/Column. - Calculation of math expressions. - Excel ...
.net, Asp Net, C#, Component, Excel, Generate, Read
Size: 3.0 MB Price: $175 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
Download Elerium Excel .NET 2.1 Download
  NOV Schedule for .NET 2017.1 (Shareware) by Nevron Software LLC
  NOV Schedule for .NET is a widget ... events in your .NET applications. It provides all the features of Microsoft Outlook Calendar ... support for multiple time zones, multi-level ... CSS-like styling of appointments, headers, grid and time rulers, extended support ... NOV Schedule for .NET main features include ... Week, Month and Timeline; - Horizontal and vertical ... via categories and time markers; - Multi-level ... dragging and snapping of appointments; - Flexible recurring ... on an arbitrary time schedule; - iCalendar Format ... other popular calendar applications; - Print support; - Export ... Schedule is part of Open Vision for .NET Enterprise Edition.
.net Schedule, .net Schedule Component, .net User Interface Controls, Cross-platform Schedule, Developer Ui Tools, Mac Os, Schedule Control
Size: 184.6 MB Price: $949 OS:  Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , Windows 8 , Win2000 , WinOther , WinServer , Windows Vista
Download NOV Schedule for .NET 2017.1 Download
  PDF Generator SDK for .NET 2.0 (Shareware) by e-PDFConverter Inc.
  ... Generator SDK for .NET is a set of PDF APIs for ... that enables your .NET applications to read, write ... Generator SDK for .NET allows software developers ... generation to any .NET application (C# or VB.NET). PDF documents can ... at the same time is very powerful ... Generator SDK for .NET offers an incredible wealth of features including: Create ... bookmarks Create table of contents Add, update ... headings and Table of contents during PDF ...
Best Pdf For Net Sdk, Net Pdf Libraries, Net Pdf Technology, Net Sdk For Pdf, Pdf For Net Sdk
Size: 3.7 MB Price: $399 OS:  Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , Windows 8 , Win2000 , Windows Vista
Download PDF Generator SDK for .NET 2.0 Download
  SearchBlackBox SDK 1.2 (Demo) by SearchBlackBox Software
  90% of the time, modern office software operates using ... data. Various pieces of text are spread ... local and global networks, etc. Thousands of developers spend months ... end-users. Some of them organize their ... brand new level of flexibility. The SearchBlackBox ... to your own applications in minutes. Index ... indexes all kinds of textual documents whether ... unstructured, and regardless of their format and ... It is fully optimized for use in .NET applications and is natively integrated as a .NET Framework Class Library ... in all kinds of .NET applications, from Windows Forms ... engine to your applications without the need ... this is one of the most competitive ...
.net, Asp,, C#, Engine, Full-text, Retrieval
Size: 560.0 KB Price: $275 OS:  Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
  SpellServer.NET 2.0 (Demo) by Chado Software, Inc.
  ... fast spell checking .NET object, packaged with two complete ASP.NET applications (one in C#, one in VB.NET), SpellServer.NET has built-in ... all users, regardless of which browser they ... world. Using SpellServer.NET is as simple ... form and content of the page are ... Spell Check, Spell Checker, Spell Checking, Spelling Checker, Web Server Spell Check
Size: 783.6 KB Price: $350 OS:  Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP
Download SpellServer.NET 2.0 Download
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